VOdds Bounty Program

VOdds Bounty Program | A Guide on How to be a Millionaire


You might already know how to make money in sports betting, but aside from betting on your favourite teams and winning, you can also maximize various betting offers and promotions to earn extra!

VOdds relaunches its Bounty Program where you can earn up to 300 €/£ monthly in BTC by using your social media account/s! Learn more about it here.

Looking for social media handles to follow? Check out Sports Betting Twitter Handles.

With the Bounty Program, you can use your social media accounts on Facebook, Blog, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, and/or Youtube to share anything about VOdds. This sports promotion is valid until December 31, 2021 and it is open to new users and loyal customers.

Participants can receive 10€ to 30€ in their bitcoin wallet address  once they are successful in completing required actions such as liking pages, following, sharing, and posting on different social media channels using personal social media accounts.



STEP 1 – If you want to be a participant, you need to have an existing VOdds account or register at VOdds.com

  • If you don’t have a VOdds account yet, kindly use promo code: BOUNTY with reference code VBOUNTYPROGRAM to register an account.  

Click here to register —->  https://bit.ly/3uYXk97

Sample Registration Form

  • You must then login to your VOdds account and get your unique referral link under “My Account’s” dashboard.


STEP 2 – Upon registration/login, please fill out the form to be able to participate.

Bounty Program Application

  • Only 1 entry per account would be accepted per day.
  • Complete the task according to Application Rules on the listed Channels on VOdds Bounty Program.
  • Use these hashtags on your posts: #VOdds #broker #agent #sportsbook #sportstrading #bounty


STEP 3 – After submitting the Application Form, you will receive an email if your entry is valid or not. 

  • Only successful accounts will receive €10 – €30 in BTC depending on the quality of the entries and reach.
  • Entries that are NOT accepted will get zero rewards.
  • All entries and social media shared posts must be visible to the public all the time.


STEP 4 –  You will also receive an email after two weeks to receive your bounty/payout

  • Users need to provide a valid Bitcoin Wallet Address to receive the bounty.


By joining this Bounty Program, you have a higher chance of generating money while enjoying your sports betting activities. This is one of the many ways to improve your bankroll and earn money online. You can also find a lot of tips and advice to becoming a profitable sports bettor.

How much money can you make betting on sports?


In online sports betting, your wagers can double or triple when your bets win on certain sporting events like football (soccer), basketball, and tennis. It also depends on the betting markets that you are going to use and the amount of wager that you’re willing to place. Here are some tips from our professional sports bettors:

1. Find a good tipster

It’s a great way to find a good tipster so that you are guided in which bookies you should use for your online betting experience and find the greatest betting tips and advice. Research is the most important thing if you want to learn how to earn money online.

2. Use betting strategies that are tested by expert punters

There are a lot of different strategies for your wagers. Make sure to use the right betting strategy and betting system to win more, especially if you want to do online sports betting in the long term, either as a hobby or as a career.

3. Engage in sports betting promotions

Many bookmakers and aggregator sites have limited time offers and some even have yearly bonuses for new users and referrals as well. So aside from your winning bets, you can also have additional earnings by simply participating in promotional activities like the VOdds Bounty Program where you can earn monthly just by using your social media.

4. Have the winning mindset

For sure, if you want to maximize free bets and earn money from home, you can make use of these strategies. Do always have a winning mindset, and with the right platform, you can definitely profit by betting on your favourite sports.

Join the VOdds Bounty Program today and earn extra cash of up to 300 €/£ monthly in BTC! Sign up now if you don’t have an account yet.

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