1X2 Betting Explained


Unquestionably one of the most recognised forms of betting, 1×2 betting is applied when there are three different outcomes to choose from, with these being home win, draw and away win.

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What Is 1×2 Betting and How to Bet With It

Mostly commonly used in football, the 1 stands for home win, the X represents the draw and the 2 means you’re going on the away win. Also known as three way betting or full time betting, it’s a popular choice for bookies and gamblers due to its simplicity and ease of use.

1X2 Betting Courtesy of Bookmaker InfoCourtesy of Bookmaker Info

Obviously, before staking any money, you’ll want to shop around for which bookie is offering up the best odds and if any of these represent value. The aforementioned then needs to be backed up by you undertaking some research to arm yourself with some additional information that could support or steer you away from your proposed bet.

To start with, looking at basic statistics like a team’s home form, away form and how often they draw can be useful. After this, you’ll want to dive a little deeper and check things like how many goals they score at home or away, historical data vs. their opponent or similar opponents, their current form, how many chances they concede and create and how good they are at set pieces on both ends. While doing this can seem annoying and over the top, it’s definitely worth the effort, for it can be the difference between a sound selection and a poor one.

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Moreover, checking any injury news, suspension information and club drama is also worthwhile just in case some of this may hinder your chances of success.

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Another notable aspect of 1×2 wagering is that you can actually combine two of the potential outcomes by using a double chance bet or by backing either team to win. This can subsequently enhance your chances of winning but it will, unfortunately, impact your odds and quite often not represent value.

1X2 Betting Courtesy of Big BetsCourtesy of Big Bets

For casual or serious punters, this type of betting is always accessible, fun and easy to use. But if you want to increase your chances of winning then undertaking some research is a must if you want to be profitable. In doing so, you’ll allow yourself to feel more comfortable about your selection while also gaining vital knowledge you can use for future reference too, which is definitely a bonus on your path to being an astute bettor.

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