3 things: Baseball Betting Considerations

3 Things: Baseball betting considerations


Before placing any bets on baseball matches, there are many things you’ll want to take into account before jumping in. With many different elements to the game and things to learn, familiarising yourself with the rules and how the game is played is vital before you start.

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Once you’ve done the above, below are three things to look out for.


Once you feel ready to go and confident you have the knowledge to begin betting, a great place to start is by considering the travel schedule of teams. Using MLB as an example, and grueling travel can play its part, for teams can be jaded and not feel on top of their game for certain matches.

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To do so, you need to analyse their recent match schedules and what time their games are on, as some extra rest can be key. Moreover, taking into account if one team has played an extra innings game and the location of this clash are also something that should be taken note of.

Starting Pitchers

Getting off to an excellent start in any sport is key, and baseball is no different. This makes having a strong roster of starting pitchers key, for they can give you the ideal start you’re looking for from which teams can build from.

This therefore makes the starting pitcher an absolutely integral element of the game, with many bettors choosing which teams to bet on based purely on who the starting pitcher will be.

Obviously undertaking your research on this and doing your due diligence is key before betting, as you don’t want to overlook other factors that can impact your bet too.


Seeing as different umpires have their own subtly varying ways of operating, this can work in your favour if you are shrewd at identifying certain characteristics.

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Seeing as some umpires have tighter or looser strike zones, this can impact what pitches are considered strikes and which aren’t. This can advantage or disadvantage pitchers and batters quite heavily so spotting such patterns can be crucial.

A good example to use is if a pitcher is calling less strikes, this can lead to more hitters getting on base and more runs overall being scored.

While it seems like an inconsequential factor, it can actually play quite a role in proceedings.

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