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60% Profit Betting Strategy Explained


While it comes with inherent risk, there’s certainly some positives attached to the 60% Betting Strategy.

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Even though it’s not usually a system a seasoned gambler would use, it’s workings are still very interesting indeed. Typically applied when the odds are between 1.70 and 1.80, your opening bet will be just 1% of your bankroll. The key element of the system is then how you increase your stake if you suffer a loss. 


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With five steps in this process, the below readings show how you increase your bet when losses occur.


Bet 1 – 1% of your bankroll

Bet 2 – 3.5% of your bankroll

Bet 3 – 9.5% of your bankroll

Bet 4 – 24.5% of your bankroll

Bet 5 – 61.5% of your bankroll


The obvious aim is to recover your losses once you lose a bet, which comes with its issues, but can be useful for winning. In this system, you can make some tidy profits if you’re able to win one of the five bets, which there is a good chance of doing so seeing as the odds are between 1.70 and 1.80.


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Not for the bold and faint-hearted, the 60% profit betting strategy is one that caution should be exercised when using, for it can quickly ruin your bankroll. However, if you research your selections wisely and have confidence in them, the method certainly has some merit.

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