A look at line changes in betting

A Look At Line Changes In Betting


There are many factors sportsbooks consider when setting their lines. Using a wide range of information and special formulas to set their odds, it’s interesting to discover what are the driving factors behind line changes.

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Basic things like a team’s current form, if they’re performing well at home or on the road, injuries, suspensions or if a game is played during the day or night certainly all come under the microscope. In addition, things like the amount of throw ins, corners, free kicks and cards will also be called on.

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Obviously some advanced metrics and strategies are also used to give the bookies greater insight. In a sport like soccer, they’d definitely be using statistics like Expected Goals for and against and chances created and conceded per game.


With all of this information, they can give themselves a real edge in suitably setting their lines.


In cases where there’s not enough people betting on a particular line, the line will be moved to encourage gamblers to take a put on a more enticing line. On the other side of the coin, if a ton of money is being wagered on a particular outcome, the odds will then be reduced.

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Many believe that when professional bettors, who do their own exhaustive research and analysis and who are masters at identifying value, play a key role in lines shifting too. Moreover, the professionals are also shrewd at coming in late to cash in on any line movement that’s attractive to them.


So if you have an enhanced knowledge of what causes the lines to shift and can begin to predict changes, you’ll be right on track to improving yourself and your profitability. It’s all about dedicating time, picking your moments and being persistent in your betting to increase your chances of spotting when to wager.

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