A Look At Straight Betting

A Look At Straight Betting


An extremely simple form of betting to understand, single or straight betting is easy to comprehend, but this doesn’t mean it’s easy to be successful at.

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There’s definitely many positives attached to this form of betting, for it’s a lot more sustainable than accumulator bets such as first scorer. Although straight betting will be lower odds than those lower outlay high reward options, you should win far more regularly using straight betting. 

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Gambling website, Sports Betting Dime, offers a quality explanation of what makes this type of wagering a fine option. “Math tells the story of why single bets are smart. You need to beat the juice to be profitable. If every bet you make is priced at -110, you need to win 52.4-percent of the time to be profitable,” they state.


“Achieving such a record isn’t an easy task, but it’s far from impossible if you choose your spots and think through wagers. The degree of difficulty in stringing together exotic parlays, on the other hand, is much higher. Take a simple two team parlay. If you have a 50-percent chance of winning each bet, that means you should cash 25-percent of the time (.5 x.5 = .25).”

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If you research and conduct a thorough analysis on your sole picks, you should definitely be on the right track. This includes checking statistics, seeing injuries news, taking home advantage into account and current form. 


It’s then imperative you supplement this with some astute bankroll management and record keeping. This will allow you to enjoy your betting within structured, methodical guidelines. This, in turn, should help you to maintain discipline and to see where you’re going right or wrong. If you do find yourself losing, you can then make adjustments to try and rectify where you’re going wrong. 


Operating under the rules of a particular system can be a huge benefit too, for you’ll further reduce your chances of straying off the path.


While simple to comprehend, as with any system it’s vital you follow the steps listed and remain patient while you familiarise yourself. Then, as you learn and adapt, you should be well positioned to enjoy some success.

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