Anytime Goalscorer Betting

Anytime Goalscorer Betting


The ever-growing anytime goalscorer betting market is another intriguing topic to cover in the world of football betting.

With so many leagues to wager on these days, in combination with punters wanting to put their knowledge to the test, this is an extremely popular and accessible type of bet to get into.

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Where Do I Start with Anytime Goalscorer Betting?

A good place to start before you lock in your selections is by doing some research to supplement your thoughts. Obviously, you want to make sure the player you believe will score will actually be playing.

It then pays to investigate if they’re 100% fit, how their current form is and look at their history against the team they’re playing or teams who play in a similar style.

Anytime Goalscorer Betting Courtesy of Football BettingCourtesy of Football Betting

Looking into some detailed statistics like their expected goals ratings per game, how many shots they take per game, how many chances their team creates per game and how many overall goals they score per game are all useful too.

Analysing set piece chance creation is another avenue worth exploring, for this can enhance your player’s scoring opportunities if their team has one or more dead ball specialists.

Moreover, if your player is a penalty taker, free kick taker or an expert at long shots, this can notably increase your chances of success too.

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Identifying any midfielders or defenders who are particularly prolific scorers from headers or long range can also come in handy to get some higher odds.

Anytime Goalscorer Betting Courtesy of Betting LoungeCourtesy of Betting Lounge

Examining the opposition’s defensive strategy, how they defend set pieces, deal with certain types of attackers and goals against record is also worthwhile to arm you with some extra crucial information.

This should subsequently give you additional insight into how many goals you believe will be scored in the match and if your player is likely to find the back of the net.

In this market, if you know your stuff and frequently keep up to date with the latest team news and statistics surrounding your potential selections, there’s certainly a chance to win big without staking too much.

It’s also crucial to remember to not get disheartened if your picks don’t come to fruition, for you want always come out on top, as things like disallowed goals, bad luck and players having off days can let you down.

Anytime Goalscorer Betting Courtesy of Bet StarsCourtesy of Bet Stars

Recording your wagers should be done too, allowing you to reflect back on how you’re faring and if there’s any conclusions you can draw to help you improve.

All in all, if you approach your anytime goalscorer bets with plenty of thought, patience and remain alert to the many factors that can impact your selections, there’s no reason to suggest you can’t be profitable in this enjoyable market.

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