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Basketball is one of the most common and most watched sports in the world. Millions of people all over the world enjoy tuning in to the sport in numerous leagues and competitions every year. It’s a fast-paced game that provides bettors a challenging yet thrilling way to try and make a profit.

Tons of bookmakers offer a wide range of betting types and markets in which both recreational and professional bettors can find many profitable opportunities.

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Basketball Betting on VOdds

At VOdds trading platform, everyone can bet on their chosen basketball leagues since even unfamiliar competitions are available.

Odds on the NBA, EuroLeague, and more international basketball leagues such as the Bundesliga, and even the collegiate basketball tournament (NCAA), can all be found in the platform from the biggest sportsbooks in the world.

This article focuses on the basics and other details of basketball betting such as the different kinds of betting markets VOdds offer in basketball.

Handicap betting

Basketball betting on the handicap market can become a valuable tool especially when one team is heavily favoured over the other. Bookmakers offer this type of basketball betting to counter biases and balance the playing field.

The handicap number, shown in the form of a + or – value, is added into the final score to determine the game’s result for the purpose of the bet. This means the handicap outcome will sometimes differ from the actual result of the game.

For example, let’s say the handicap bets for this game is:

Nets v Bulls handicap odds at VOdds

Brooklyn Nets (-7.5) 1.775

Chicago Bulls (+7.5) 2.170

Let’s say the Nets are the bookmakers’ favourites since they have the minus (-) handicaps, while the Bulls are the underdogs with the plus (+) handicap. In this matchup, the bookmakers already determined that the final margin will be on either side of the Nets by 7.5 points.

Which means if the Nets win (100-95), the handicap bets on them would lose since the idea of this type of bet is they started the game with -7.5 points.

Therefore, we have to subtract 7.5 from their final score, making the match outcome (92.5-95) in favour of the Bulls. If you staked £10 on the Nets, your bet will lose. However, if the Nets won with the final score of 104-96, the adjusted handicap outcome will be (96.5-96) which means the handicap bets on them still win. Your stake of £10 on the Nets at 1.775 odds will result to a return of £17.70 which includes your initial stake plus a £7.70 profit.

Totals betting

Totals betting, also known as Over/Under, is the second most popular way of betting on basketball. It’s the type of bet wherein the combined score of the two teams playing will be over or under a set of number.

For example, look at these total odds for Sacramento Kings v Miami Heat:

Kings v Miami totals (over/under) odds at VOdds

If you place a stake of £10 on the game to be over 217.00 points and the result was 101-127 (an aggregate total of 228 points), you would make a return of £18.06, including the initial stake and the £8.06 profit.

If you backed the total score as under 217 points with the same final score and the odds of 2.100, you automatically lose the bet.

Money line betting

The money line betting market is the simplest and most common market for a bettor to comprehend the price of a bet. Basically, a money line bet is a head-to-head bet in which a bettor can place their bets on whichever team they think will win the match.

For example, look at these money line odds for Detroit Pistons v New York Knicks:

Pistons v Knicks money line odds at VOdds

For this example, the New York Knicks (4.170) are the bookmakers’ favourites to beat the Detroit Pistons (1.274). If you place a £10 stake on the Knicks, you would get a return of £41.7, including the £10 initial stake and the additional £31.70. However, if the Pistons come out successful, you win nothing and lose your stake.

The same process is applied if you bet on the Pistons. If Detroit wins, your return would be a total of £12.74, which includes the £10 stake and the additional profit of £2.74.

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