Your Expert Strategies to Basketball Betting


In basketball betting, or betting in general, consistency is the key to winning and earning tons of money. Apart from this, having a strategy and following it consistently are the first lessons on a successful bettor’s handbook.

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Basketball Strategies for Betting on Your Favourites

While it’s never easy to find a strategy that will always suit you, following some expert tips just might be the best step in order for you to eventually create your own tactics.

Be a neutral bettor

Everyone has their biases and favourite teams, but that doesn’t mean you should immediately bet on them even if the odds aren’t in their favour. Don’t let your emotions and biases get in the way of a better judgment or risk making a mistake. It’s important to take note that successful bettors think clearly and make decisions based on solid and accurate information.

Pay attention to details

Before placing a bet, take into consideration the players included in the lineup or a team’s records. You have to make sure that a team’s key player is starting because there’s nothing frustrating than placing a bet early only to find out that a star player in unavailable or doubtful. It’s also important to take note that sometimes, there is power in the underdogs.

You have to carefully assess both the favourites and the underdogs to make a good decision and perfect way to keep updates on them is to follow previews on them. Moreover, you should also keep a watchful eye on turnovers and points scored. Points win the game and a high percentage of turnover means you have the advantage when betting. Some bettors tend to overlook these factors which could cause some risks or mistakes on your bets.

Observe, but don’t rely on the trends

Though trends are informative and are sometimes worth analysing, what happened in the past doesn’t necessarily mean that the same thing could happen or influence today or the future. Although there are cases where some teams dominate the league, that won’t always be the case. So it’s a good thing to observe and make decisions based on a clear, rational head, and accurate information. 

Look for bookmakers’ value bets

Bookies are really good at analysing and defining odds. However, there are times they provide weak lines especially when there are a lot of scheduled matches. You don’t have to bet on every game though, which means you have the chance to choose a valuable game you can bet on to your advantage. You can check out the best online sports odds available in the basketball betting market on the VOdds platform.

Be disciplined

Stick to your strategies, or better yet, master a strategy that works for you and create much better ones. There are inevitable failures in betting but it doesn’t have to discourage you. When you fail, use these failures as a way for you to keep going and do better.

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