The Best Sports for Betting

The Best Sports for Betting


Which Sports to Bet On?

Seeing as the sports betting industry is an ever-growing one that’s forever being made more interesting due to innovation and technology, plus as a result of how competitive it is, it’s intriguing to see which sports are most popular to bet on.

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Obviously, football leads the way due to its worldwide appeal and how accessible it is to watch matches of your favourite teams and leagues. With so many markets to choose from and ways to find value, it’s completely understandable why fans love betting on soccer. The fact there’s always games on all over the globe and many ways to watch them, makes it extremely easy to find matches to wager on.

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In addition, football betting is very social, as you can talk about it with your friends and have fun while contemplating and placing your bets.


According to statistics, tennis has now somewhat surprisingly become the second most popular sport to bet on in the UK. Aside from the four major grand slams, tennis offers a wide array of tournaments to bet on all over. Whether it be mens, womens, challenger circuit games or international events like the Davis Cup, there’s so many options. Particularly popular due to its capacity to allow you to make rapid profits on In-Play point, game and set betting, this certainly adds to its appeal.

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This summary from the Sportsmole website sums up its rise well, stating: “The sport generates billions of pounds of revenue in betting every year. Not bad for a sport that rarely hits the headlines outside of the four major tournaments of Wimbledon, the US Open, the French Open, and the Australian Open.

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“The dawn of live betting has played a key role in the rise of tennis betting. The fact punters can bet on each individual set at the touch of a button has widened its appeal.”


Next up is horse racing, which is another event that there is no shortage of races to bet on. Seeing as it’s another sport that also occurs in a plethora of locations around the world, horse racing betting is very popular among gamblers.

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Due to the fact so many sportsbooks are all vying for your business, you can get some great deals, specials and odds if you shop around in this ultra-competitive arena. Boasting many iconic races that attract worldwide attention too, the calendar is jam-packed full of showpiece events to test yourself on.

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