Betting on Draws

How Betting on Draws Work


While betting on the draws in sporting events can be a difficult thing to predict, if you undertake some thorough research and analysis, you can enhance your chances of winning handsomely.

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Indeed, when shining the focus on soccer, a sport that draws betting is most prominent in, and it’s intriguing that almost a quarter of all matches end in a draw across Europe’s top five leagues.

Courtesy of Stork SportsCourtesy of Stork Sports

Obviously analysing the statistics is the best place to start before placing any bets, for this will allow you to uncover some usable information that can give you an edge. Obviously certain teams and leagues throw up more drawn games so looking at which ones do so can allow you to increase the probability of winning.

Courtesy of Napalm Bet

Courtesy of Napalm Bet

It’s also important to note that teams that are evenly matched tend to draw more games, which makes sense due to their similarity in quality. Whereas when one team is superior to another, the chances of a draw will inherently decrease, something that will be illustrated in the odds.

Courtesy of Bet AngelCourtesy of Bet Angel

Some other cases where draws often occur are when low scoring teams are in action, in derbies and in the initial 90 minutes of big finals.

So being able to identify and spot these types of trends, plus know how certain teams play stylistically, will unquestionably become a huge asset.

While it will take time for you to master recognising when a draw is a fantastic option, as you keep familiarising yourself with this regularly overlooked market, you should find plenty of opportunities to profit.

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