Betting On Losers

Betting On Losers


As gamblers, the usual train of thought is to bet on teams you believe will win. But there’s also many out there who go against the grain and favour betting on losing teams.

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While the point of betting on a team and then wanting them to win makes perfect sense, wanting a team to lose can be a hard concept to grasp.


Obviously just like with any form of betting you need to identify picks that represent value while still having a strong chance of winning. So it’s then all about finding good opportunities to exploit no matter if it’s betting on a winner or loser. 


This type of mindset is present in lay betting, where it can be simpler to back a team or a horse not to win. Looking at things plainly, it’s a sound idea to bet on a team losing if they’re in the midst of a terrible run of form. Indeed, in an article from 2005 by Kevin Pullein in The Guardian, he gave an interesting explanation on why betting on losing teams has a lot of upside. 


“In the Premiership and Football League during the last 10 seasons, fewer than half of all teams who had won their previous six games won the next one, and fewer than half of all teams who had lost their previous six games lost the next one,” he explained. “Many of those teams on winning runs would have been genuinely good, and vice versa.”

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If you keep up to date and analyse the form of many teams you’ll quickly be able to see reasons why a team is having a poor run of results, thus meaning you could be well placed to profit. 


Although it goes against the norm for many, betting on losers can certainly be profitable if you’re astute at spotting trends and applying your regular principles.

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