Betting On Underdogs


Due to the unpredictable nature of sport, there’s always an opportunity for the underdog to win.

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There’s also plenty of ways to help you predict such upsets if you do some quality research. Obviously you won’t win all the time, but by following some of the below steps you’ll certainly enhance your chances of success.

Having a knowledge of the sport and teams you’re betting on is an excellent place to begin so you can quickly work out the styles of the teams playing each other and how they match up. You can then accompany this by looking at some statistical data and by gathering information on injuries, suspensions, motivation, current form and previous outcomes against each other and any other team news of note. 

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A particularly key thing when a big team is taking on a smaller team is if they rest players or have a big game coming up immediately after. In such cases, the team expected to win may not be fully focused, complacent or even resting the odd player which can work in the favour of the underdog.

Upon looking at the odds, it’s important to not just beat on the highest odds, as underdogs come in many forms and many prices. Whether your potential selection is a big or small underdog, you should bet if the odds look good relating to the actual chances of an upset occurring.

All things considered, when predicting upsets, it’s important you do your research and pick your selections wisely. Moreover, using a disciplined bankroll management system and not getting disgruntled if you don’t win are key features too.

While it may not be the easiest way to wager, if you know your stuff and follow the guidelines, there’s certainly profit to be had on backing the underdog.

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