Learn How to Bet with Bitcoin


Online sports betting is one of the most profitable and rousing ways to get a piece of action while relishing the thrill of potentially earning massive amounts of money.

Once you start your sports betting journey, there are a lot of options for payments available to use for your deposits and withdrawals. One of the most popular nowadays is the use of Bitcoin.

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Using Bitcoin for Sports Betting

Many online sportsbooks have already integrated this cryptocurrency in their system as an accepted mode of payment. Betting with Bitcoin actually works the same way as placing your bets using standard methods. Here’s how you can use Bitcoin when you bet with VOdds.

Create an Account

First, create an account with VOdds sports trading platform then click on Bitcoin on the list of payment options available. After a successful account creation, you may now create a Bitcoin wallet using a third party application. This wallet can also function as your ‘bank account.’

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There are several kinds of Bitcoin wallets to choose from, depending on your location. You can use the service of Coinbase which is regarded as one of the most trusted cryptocurrency platforms as well as the Best Bitcoin Wallet of 2016 on numerous popular sites.


To start using Bitcoin as your mode of payment, login to VOdds, proceed to My Account then click on the Funding Method section. There you will see the VOdds Bitcoin wallet address in a long string of letters, characters, and numbers which you will use when you make a deposit to fund your VOdds account.

Send a Message

Once you are done, send a message to our support team in any of the available contact information found on the website. Make sure you have your transfer receipt and your Bitcoin wallet address ready in case our customer support asks for proof of transaction.

When our team has received and confirmed your payment, your deposit will automatically be converted to your chosen currency and will immediately be credited to your account. Please note that we use www.XE.com as a basis for conversions from Bitcoin to EUR/GBP.

We are continuously improving our payment system to serve you even better. Subscribe to our mailing list, or create an account with us to keep up with the newest features on VOdds.

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