Boxing Betting

Boxing Betting


Another extremely popular sport to bet on all over the world, boxing enjoys a huge following, which kicks into overdrive when the big fights are on the cards.

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With so many different titles on offer in a huge array of weight classes, there’s certainly a massive choice of options for punters who are casual, professional or somewhere in between.

With bouts taking place around the globe in the amateur and professional ranks, no matter what the time zone, this only amplifies the opportunities on offer for gamblers.

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Upon looking at the markets available, and the outright winner is an ideal place to start, which sees you bet on who you believe will win the fight. Then, there’s the method of winning, with the options being a fighter winning on points (decision), by knockout or technical knockout.

You can also test yourself on how long you believe the fight will last and who will win a specific round or selection of rounds.

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Just as in any type of betting knowledge is key, so being informed and doing your research is paramount towards your success. If you can get your head around the inner workings of the sport and know what styles fare well against others, there’s many chances for you to make some profit in the sport aptly nicknamed the sweet science.

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