Clean Sheet Betting


While clean sheet betting is not the first market that springs to mind when thinking about sports betting, it’s unquestionably an avenue worth exploring.

Also applicable to sports like ice hockey, where it’s called a shutout, this method of wagering can be quite fruitful if you undertake your due diligence.

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Before placing any bets, it’s important to support your potential selections with some research. A great place to begin with is by looking at any injuries or suspensions to key personnel that can impact the probability of a team keeping a clean sheet. Checking current form and recent historical data between two opponents is also worth investigating to see if any usable data can be found. Observing home and away form can also give you an edge.

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Taking a deeper dive into some detailed statistics can serve you well too, for this allows you to check on things like goals per game, shots per game, chances created and conceded per game, expected goals for and against per game and how many clean sheets the team you’re looking at has actually kept.

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Observing the styles certain teams deploy should be used to investigate how attacking or defensive they are, which can play a crucial role in seeing how well equipped they are to keep clean sheets and hold out their opposition.

Simple to use and very accessible, if you’re willing to spend the time to patiently and thoroughly explore all the factors that can influence your wager, this market is definitely worthwhile looking into.

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