Home Field Advantage Benefits

Does Home Field Advantage Make a Difference


With home field advantage being a crucial thing to take into consideration when betting on any sport, there’s certainly many reasons why this can give you some great profits.

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Obviously playing in familiar surrounds gives the home side a huge advantage, for they know the ins and outs of the surface and feel extremely comfortable in front of their home crowd. In addition, the home crowd’s noise level and size can really spur their team on and help their performance reach an extra level. An intriguing thing that bettors need to research is that when a team moves into a new stadium how it usually takes them a while to hit their stride.

Courtesy-of-PinnacleCourtesy of Pinnacle

The fact the home side doesn’t need to travel is a big positive too, for the impact of traveling can have a detrimental effect on performance when parlayed with playing in an unfamiliar environment.

Courtesy of LineupsCourtesy of Lineups

Weather conditions can also give home teams the edge, especially in situations when the visiting team have to travel to a team that’s home ground is at a high altitude.

Interestingly, a study came to the conclusion that home teams can often benefit from favourable refereeing decisions such as getting more penalties and the away side getting more red cards too.

Courtesy of Advanced Football AnalyticsCourtesy of Advanced Football Analytics

A key thing to consider whenever you’re placing your bets, home team advantage can definitely give you the upper hand, as there can be so many factors that give the home team an edge.

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