Draw No Bet Strategy in Asian Sports Betting


The Draw No Bet market is used and recognised across the wide world of sports betting.

A couple of the keys towards its popularity is that it’s simple to use and offers punters some insurance if their selections fail to come off.

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What Does Draw No Bet Mean?

This market works by removing the possibility of the draw and letting you select the home or away win only. So basically, if the team you pick wins, for example the home team, you win.

However, if they can only muster a draw, your stake will be returned, which makes it good for situations when you’re not entirely sure that your team will win and when backing an underdog.

These betting lines remove the three possible outcomes, making it a double chance bet with only two outcomes.

Draw No Bet in Football BettingCourtesy of Bet Shoot

It can also save you against losing when bad luck occurs like a dodgy refereeing decision or when your team concedes a wicked late goal to lose.

It is also a great option for lower scoring leagues, where your odds for the draw is given back to you when the games ended in a draw. Also when your chosen team is playing against a side who are an excellent defensive outfit.

This strategy is only used in sports that have this possible outcome, because some sports like basketball and volleyball do not have a tie or draw result, they will not end the game unless one team wins against the other. 

It can be applied to sports that have no tie-breaker rules or matches that are impossible to decide upon like racing or combat sports like boxing.

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Two-Way Moneyline Draw No Bet SelectionsCourtesy of Wikihow

The obvious downside attached to this form of betting comes from the lower odds you’ll be offered, but it’s not a bad trade off in certain scenarios when you’re after some extra security.

This can be considered as a low-risk bet because if the game ends in a draw, it would seem like you got a free bet.

Sample Result for Draw No BetCourtesy of SportsBetting777

With so many football matches ending in a draw and games decided by such fine margins, using this market for draw no bet selections gives you that little bit of additional safety when placing your bets in soccer or football betting.

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