Dutch Betting

Dutch Betting


An interesting topic to cover in for our next blog article, Dutch betting offers an intriguing option to delve deeper into.

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The way it works is by backing many selections in the same event. This sees you divide your stake into different bets, meaning no matter what selection comes out on top you still profit.

Obviously before placing a Dutch Bet, the right conditions need to exist for you to triumph and win regardless of the result. Key to this is having multiple betting accounts so you take advantage of the favourable odds needed to win.

While you need to undertake your due diligence and look around for the odds to be suitably priced, once you become efficient at this, you’ll see many opportunities come your way.

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Consisting of three different types of bet, which are simple, set amount and set profit, these are straightforward to understand. Simple sees your stake on each bet stay the same or be reduced, in order to ensure you win.

The set amount tactic sees you limit your bet to a specific amount. This is typically applied when you’re adding multiple bets into your bet.

Lastly, as the name suggests, set profit has the aim of ensuring you win a desired amount when you place your Dutch bets.

Although it can seem confusing and a lot of work, to make life easier you can use a betting calculator to figure out if Dutching will work on your chosen selections.

Even though it requires plenty of hard work and dedication, Dutching is a solid system if you’re willing to be patient and committed to the process.

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