ESports Betting

Esports Betting


The rise of esports betting has given punters another interesting and exciting way to profit. Having grown into a hugely competitive and popular arena, its worldwide reach, in combination with the appeal of video gaming, has seen esports go from strength to strength.

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Just as with any type or format of betting ensuring you understand the fundamentals is a great place to start. With so many categories on offer, including sports, real time strategy, fighting, first person shooter and multiple online battle arena, punters are certainly spoilt for choice.

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No matter what you’re wagering on, once you begin to research the teams and players who are on top in their chosen genre, this will allow you to make some coherent selections. Checking the latest news and statistics is then a wise move, for, just like in real sports, there can be reasons why some players are in good or bad form or unavailable. Another way that can help put you on the path to success is by reading articles and looking at sites that predict and preview particular match ups, as they often have some excellent insight and up to date information. The fact so many new teams emerge and start to make waves can allow alert gamblers to spot trends before the bookies to gain an edge.

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The types of betting on offer offer some interesting options, with things like tournament winner, match winner, map winner and first blood (which is similar to first goalscorer in football betting) ensuring variety. Once you feel comfortable about your knowledge, you can then step into the esports cauldron, which will certainly present you with some fine opportunities to profit if you’re well prepared and committed.

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