Fibonacci Betting System Explained

The Fibonacci System (How It’s Used for Betting)


Following on the theme of covering betting systems, the next topic in this series will focus on the Fibonacci betting system.

Based on the mathematical model, this strategy has been transferred over into many forms of gambling. For the purposes of this article, however, we’ll hone our attention in on soccer.

Being another form of negative progressive betting, the Fibonacci sees you increase your stake when you lose just like the D’Alembert systems and Labouchere systems. The key difference is that you add the losing stakes of your previous two bets together to give you the stake for your next bet. The graphics below provide a fine example of this, with a key piece of information being when you win you go back to your original stake.

Fibonacci System, Courtesy of Baccarat System

Courtesy of Baccarat System

Some punters use soccer head-to-head betting and some prefer to only bet on draws, but whatever you choose, it’s best to begin with small stakes, especially if you’re learning the ropes. This will subsequently allow you to handle losing streaks so your bankroll doesn’t get decimated during a bad run. Many wagerers recommend only betting on markets that are even paying bets or above, so you can maximise your earnings.

Fibonacci System, Courtesy of MyBookie

Courtesy of MyBookie

Although there’s definitely a chance you’ll enjoy some great wins, this strategy can be very hard to sustain and is one that will be tough to be successful at in the long run.

One of VOdds’ partners in Pinnacle actually posted a nice article on the Fibonacci. In their summary of the system and its application to soccer, they depicted it aptly, stating: “As with other progressive betting systems such as the Labouchere system, the ideas work perfectly when provided with an unlimited bankroll and unlimited limits. When real-world constraints are considered, however, Fibonacci succumbs to the same fate as all real-world betting – the unknown.”

Fibonacci System, Courtesy of BaccaratCourtesy of Baccarat

Upon keeping all of the aforementioned in mind and considering it carefully, while the Fibonacci can be a fun system and okay to use a portion of your bankroll on, it’s probably not the wisest move to go all in on, for a bad losing run can quickly crush your bankroll.

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