Football World Cup Betting Popularity

Football World Cup Betting Popularity


The worldwide sporting calendar is full of huge events for gamblers to have a bet on. The football World Cup is unquestionably right near the top of the list due its worldwide appeal, the amount of countries represented and the vast popularity of the beautiful game.

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Upon reflecting back on the most recent edition of the tournament in 2018 and the numbers emphatically show how popular it was among gamblers. As per a study undertaken by Sportradar, they discovered that a whopping €136 billion was betted throughout the summer showpiece.

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Incredibly, it was also learned that a remarkable €382 million was wagered using online bookies, with a staggering €7.2 billion alone staked on the final. With such easy access for gamblers from the comfort of their own home and with so many fascinating matches in quick succession, it’s little wonder these numbers are recorded in the modern day.

Having monitored 550 betting organisations, the depth of their study is very impressive indeed, as they notably drew some interesting conclusions.

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To start with, they found the average match had a betting turnover of roughly €2.1 billion. Furthermore, Croatia was found to be a heavily backed team, as punters enjoyed their superb run to the final. It was also interesting to note that the bookmakers would’ve enjoyed the fact many matches went to extra time and penalties, thus ruling out all bets that were ending in the original 90 minutes of action.

All things considered, the 2010 soccer World Cup proved just what a massive drawcard the showpiece is, and just how popular the sport continues to be, as the action was exciting for both fans and punters.

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