Futures Betting

Futures Betting


While futures betting isn’t the most commonly used method of betting, it still has its merits for those who have plenty of patience and foresight.

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When placing a futures bet, this type of betting sees you wager on an event to happen usually months down the track. Typically placed on things like who’ll win the league title or top goalscorer, to use football as an example, these bets see you often put your money down before the season starts.

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Despite the odds being quite favourable due to the outcome being decided in the distant future, this can be a drawback for many due to the long wait times for your bet to win or lose. Seeing as so much has to go right for you to determine whether you triumph or fail with your bet, it’s understandable the odds are usually decent even for favourites.

On the other hand, if your chosen side starts their campaign badly, they still have plenty of time to recover. In addition, you don’t have to worry about betting on all the games, instead relying on a large section of matches to allow your team to prevail. This subsequently gives them the chance to recover from a bad start or a mid season lull.

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A fine example from betting website, The Lines, provides an apt description of this format. “For example, New York Jets fans could place a $10 wager on the Jets to win the Super Bowl at 80-1 odds (+8000) in a New Jersey casino. A winning result would pay the bettor a cool $800 for the wager that will last from the first game of the season to the final play of the Big Game,” it states.

Requiring you to wait and remain calm as you observe how your bet is faring, futures betting is certainly not for everyone. But if you’re content remaining patient and unfazed by the large wait times, it’s a viable option for many.

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