Tennis Handicap

A Guide to Tennis Handicap Betting


Aside from football and basketball, you should definitely try Handicap Tennis!

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Asian Handicap is more popular with football (soccer), but it is also a good market for betting on Tennis. Before finalising any potential selections, it’s a sound idea to analyse past histories of the players facing off against one another, look at the surface the match is being played on, which player is in better form and if there’s any statistics that are particularly worth considering.

How Does Tennis Handicap Betting Work?

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With Asian handicap tennis, it pays to look at how players match up in terms of style, as one can be better suited to their opposition than the other.

In addition, supplementing your discoveries by actually watching the tennis tournaments featuring the players you intend to bet on will give you some additional insight, thus allowing you to identify some key details.

One especially important aspect is to work out how they serve and return, for being able to hold and break serve are key components.

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Moreover, observing their power, fitness, mobility, and what strokes they specialise in can also give you an edge when you bet on a player that you think wins the match.

After all, thoroughly researching your picks before placing your money is a must, so you can give yourself the best possible chance of winning.

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With handicap betting on tennis odds explained, you’re giving one player an advantage or one player a deficit to contend with, which vitally allows you to find value when the head to head odds throw up nothing appealing.

An extremely popular method in tennis betting is the games market, as your chosen player doesn’t necessarily need to win for you to come out trumps, but if you give them a head start of a few games and they narrowly lose, you still triumph.

Tennis Handicap Guide

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The same goes for wagering on set handicap tennis, as you can find great value on handicapping either way to winning bets on set matches.

If done correctly, this form of tennis betting can certainly be a very profitable one indeed. Make sure that you use your knowledge on the handicap market when betting on a tennis match.

With so many different tennis events going on around the world, the more information you have, the better. This can help you win in straight sets and earn better profit.

Although it can be tougher to do so at major tournaments such as Wimbledon, if you arm yourself with all the key details there’s every chance you could cash in.

In closing, with favourites’ odds often being skewed so they hardly offer value, handicap betting is definitely an avenue worth exploring in the intriguing world of tennis betting.

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