Home Field Advantage in Betting

Home Field Advantage in Betting


For our next topic from the wide world of sports betting, we’re delving into home team advantage in sports wagering. 

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A crucial consideration for any bettor to take into account, home field advantage can play a huge determining factor in the success of your selections. 


The obvious place to start is how beneficial playing in the familiar confines of your home ground is, with many teams knowing the ground inside out and feeling comfortable stepping out onto the field. This leads into the support of the fans, who’ll be pushing their team on and trying to inspire their team to great things. In addition, the intense support of the fans can not only intimidate opponents but it can also sway referees into giving more penalties and favourable decisions to the home side.

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Depending on the league and how far the opposition have to venture to play their game, travel can definitely have an impact. If required to travel long distances and endure many stopovers, this can play a role in players feeling unsettled and lethargic. Moreover, staying in hotels and being in unfamiliar locations can also be unnerving for some teams and players.


It’s also important to take note if a team is travelling to play at high altitude, as this can be extremely hard for the away team to adjust to. Indeed, the many examples from teams playing in Bolivia at international and club level serves as a fine example of this.

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With many leagues having differing degrees of how key home team advantage can be, this makes conducting your typical research surrounding your selections vital. 


Unquestionably a factor that needs to be taken into account, home team advantage can certainly be pivotal. This is why rigorously analysing specific games is a must to see if you can find value and spot something the bookies may have missed so you can get an upper hand.

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