Home Underdog Betting

Home Underdog Betting


Despite many gamblers usually going with the train of thought that betting on away underdogs is a good strategy for success, which is often true, there’s also some profit to be had going for home underdogs.

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Seeing as home ground advantage is definitely very real and can have a decisive impact on results, it makes sense you can find some joy backing the home underdog. Indeed, playing within the confines of your home ground certainly gives teams an added layer of comfort. After all, playing on a surface and within the pitch dimensions your chosen team’s extremely familiar with definitely works in their favour.

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In addition, if the home crowd is present, this can unquestionably work in their favour by giving them an extra boost. The fact away teams can often be jaded from a big trip can work against them too, meaning they’re not quite on top of their game.

Interestingly, upon looking at the excellent research done by Sports Betting Quant, and they found that over the last seven years that backing the home underdog would’ve led to profit in the German, English and Spanish top flights.

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While this strategy comes with inherent risk, if you do your research and recognise the appropriate games to choose, then the rewards can be very tidy indeed.

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