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How to Bet on NFL Spreads


One of the biggest football competitions that millions of people watch out for is the National Football League or commonly known as the NFL. Droves of fans and punters have always supported and participated in bets because who wouldn’t? With the best teams in American football, its games are some of the most awaited events. 

NFL Betting Advantages

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With the popularity of the NFL, bookmakers have always offered NFL betting on their websites. You have VOdds sports betting that offers it for all the punters out there. But, if it’s your first time, one type of betting is effective and successful in the NFL, and this is point spread betting.  

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When it comes to the NFL, the best team wins the vast majority of the games. The reason why spread betting is the most popular option is that spread betting handicaps the favourite team. Thus, it puts both teams on a more even playing field. By doing this, it allows you to wager on favourites to cover the spread to pay out much more than money lines. You can even bet on underdogs to have an equal chance of winning.

How Does it Work?

In point spread betting, for the punters to cash in, the favourite has to win by a certain number of points. While for those punters who bet on the underdog, the team must get points so long as it’s by less than the spread. In this way, they’ll still get profits.

You also see spreads with half-point attached to them, and these are called hooks. The hook will make sure that there won’t be a push or a tie because if there was, most bookmakers would return the money wagered. But, check first with the sportsbook if they have this condition because there are others that count it a loss instead.

So, if you’ve got the basics down, one way to try it out is by enlisting VOdds‘ services. This is one of the best platforms for punters where they can bet on their preferred sport, be it the NFL or the NBA. If you look at the history of VOdds, it was designed and built for the smart punters. 

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