Labouchere Sports Betting System

Labouchere Sports Betting System


A Sports Betting System can be described as a way of giving bettors a set of principles, practices, patterns, strategies and rules that can be repeated to increase your chances of winning.

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Sports Betting Systems: Labouchere

Also known as staking plans or formulas, there are many different types of systems that have been devised to help you be successful. Below we’ll take a look at the Labouchere Betting System.

Thought to be invented by roulette player Henry Labouchere back in the 1800s, this system works by splitting your bet into many different amounts and is a popular method both in sport and roulette. This essentially sees you continue betting until a particular amount is reached and is comfortably applied to your chosen area of focus.

To begin with, you determine the amount of profit you want to win. Then you divide this number into many smaller amounts, with the common method being to divide it into 5-10 amounts. Writing these numbers down is definitely wise, as this is far easier than remembering all of the numbers.

Now you can start placing your bets, but it’s crucial to always remember to ensure you pick bets that are at odds of $2.00 or more.

Say if we want to win $15 from five bets, the example provided by offers a fine explanation of the system. Here the starting numbers are 2,3,5,3 and 2. To start with, you add the two numbers from the start and the end of the sequence, which equals 4, to work out the amount for the first bet.

Labouchere Sports Betting System Courtesy of Prognozi365

Courtesy of Prognozi365

If your bet wins, you then cross these two numbers off the original list. Then you’ll do the process over again, making sure to use the two figures on either end, which is now 3 and 3 to give you $6 for your next stake. Say if the bet loses, you are then required to add the 6 to the end of your selection of numbers.

You keep going with the strategy until you eventually get rid of all the numbers you initially began with, which should lead to you running out a winner.

Labouchere Sports Betting System Courtesy of OnlineWager

Courtesy of OnlineWager

While using this type of negative progressive system seems like hard work and appears pretty confusing, once you’ve familiarised yourself with the workings of the system, you’ll be ready to try it for yourself.

It must be said, however, that you’ll need to be prepared to go on some losing streaks, which can be terrible if you only have a small bankroll or you’re a beginner. So despite this being a fun and enjoyable way of betting, you need to be sure this system is the right one for you before getting going.

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