Losing Runs

Losing Runs


Losing runs can certainly be hugely frustrating to deal with, but it’s important to remain composed and level headed during such events so you don’t make any regrettable decisions. 

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Seeing as everyone experiences losing streaks and they’re a very common thing, how you handle them is vital towards getting out of the rut. There’s no doubting a winless streak is tough to manage, for it makes you question everything from your research to your system. 

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Arguably the most crucial thing to do is to remain patient and disciplined in your betting. In doing so, this will allow you to make calculated decisions and not exercise poor judgement after a loss and do any chase betting. Another way to avoid chasing your losses is by having a bankroll management plan, which will hold you in good stead to not make irrational calls, so you don’t ruin your bankroll.


Moreover, if accompanying your bankroll plan with quality record keeping, you should be able to refer back and analyse where you’ve gone wrong and accordingly make some adjustments. 

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If you feel like nothing is going your way, you can always take a break to refresh yourself and allow yourself to reflect on the situation. During this time, you can do some further study and research into your betting and any other aspects of gambling so you’re well equipped for next time.


Although it’s never a pleasant thing to go through, if you approach a losing streak with calmness and discipline, there’s many strategies to help you deal with losing runs. So when a bad streak inevitably comes along again, you’ll be confident you’ll be fine to take the best course of action for you.

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