Martingale Betting System Explained

Martingale Betting System Explained


As one of the oldest and simplest betting systems to understand, for our next blog article we take a look at the Martingale Betting System and weight up the pros and cons associated with it.

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This system works by doubling your stake if you lose so you can regain your losses instantly and make one unit of profit. This subsequently means the system requires you to bet on events that are as close to evens as possible so you can recoup any losses in the one wager.

Courtesy of BlogabetCourtesy of Blogabet

While risky, this simple method does work if you have a big enough bankroll to endure a bad losing streak and do it over a short length of time. If trying this system, you’ll want to set yourself a loss limit so you know when to stop instead of keeping going and chasing losses carelessly.

Courtesy of Blogabet

Courtesy of Blogabet

Moreover, many gamblers see this system as not challenging enough too and an approach that leads to poor decision making and punters just picking selections based on the odds, not on value or through research.

Courtesy of MQL5

Courtesy of MQL5

Despite being easy to use, not requiring much time to learn and needing no complicated calculations, the Martingale betting system isn’t the best approach out there due to the aforementioned downsides attached to it.

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