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NBA Playoff Betting Guide


With the NBA playoffs in full swing now, now is a good time to examine the best ways to go about betting on this exciting time of year.

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Your Guide to Betting on NBA Playoffs

Obviously obtaining your regular research data and remaining up to date with any injuries or suspensions to key players is important. After all, if you don’t, you could be overlooking something that just might end up costing you big time.

Analysing each team’s strengths and weaknesses is then a great idea, for this allows you to see how they stack up against their opponent in terms of style, personnel and statistics. We all know certain approaches work well against certain teams and others don’t, meaning acquiring this information can be crucial in exploiting where a match or series could be won or lost.

Keeping all this in mind, some of the key figures you’ll be focusing on will be offensive and defensive effectiveness, efficiency on the turnover, rebounding success and three point shooting capabilities.

Bracket courtesy of Business Insider

Bracket courtesy of Business Insider

Moreover, it’s worth looking into scoring methods of the teams you’re placing under the microscope, with an eye on identifying if they’re overly reliant on certain players and what influence this has on the team when they’re unavailable.

Even though there’s an element of luck attached to playoff games and especially the ending of matches, knowing which teams possess clutch shooters can certainly enhance your chances of coming up trumps.

Taking particular note of home and away form should serve you well too. Looking at research done by over an 11 year period came up with some interesting conclusions on this aspect.

They found out some fascinating findings in regards to home teams playing games one, five and seven, and particularly series’ that were split 2-2 heading into game five. To start with, game one home teams had an 89-34 record, and teams playing game seven at home had a record of 25-8.

Bracket courtesy of

Bracket courtesy of

Intriguingly, when a series was level at 2-2, the home team came out ahead 45-10, which was quite amazing, and evidenced just how important playing at home can be at this stage in a series.

To delve into Sports Insights’ study on favourites and underdogs, and they found out that since 2005 teams rated 4.5 point favourites have gone 53-24 in the playoffs, something that offers plenty of food for thought too.

Remaining aware of any developing trends or scenarios certain teams are experiencing is another factor to keep track of to give you some additional insight.

Bracket courtesy of (2)

Bracket courtesy of

Now with all this information to digest, the challenge is familiarising yourself with your findings and turning this into profit by selecting your options wisely.

Although it’s not an easy process that requires patience, perseverance and dedication, if you’re intelligent with reading the data and your selections, there’s no reason to suggest you can’t be a real success.

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