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Over/Under Betting Explained


Right up there with the moneyline in terms of one of the most popular forms of betting, over/under wagering is an easy to understand and accessible market.

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How Does Over/Under Betting Work?

Great for beginners who are looking to familiarise themselves with the world of sports betting, it offers you the chance to select if you believe an outcome will or won’t get over a certain benchmark while exploring many different sports and markets in your quest for success.

Over Under Betting Guide

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Using football as an example, and the beautiful game boasts a wide range of options for you to stake on including goals, throw ins, cards and corner kicks.

Unquestionably a crucial component towards your chances of coming out on top is investigating form over an extended period of time depending on what you’re betting on, as drawing from a large sample size is typically more accurate than a smaller one. Tailoring your investigations to include if certain outcomes occur in particular conditions is also worthwhile. By setting parameters you can then identify any factors that may give you an edge.

Over Under Betting Guide

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Another method you should use is to not solely look at averages for a certain team, but also at the amount of times an actual event occurred for a particular team in a specific period.

If you have access to detailed statistics such as expected goals, expected conceded goals, chances created and set piece numbers, these can also be very useful for you in determining the viability of your picks.

Over Under Betting Guide

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Before placing anything, though, another crucial theme is to check if your bet represents value, a topic we’ve covered in the past, as you want to ensure your bet is worthwhile in the first place.

While it’s easy to go with your gut, this is not a sustainable approach long term if you’re intending to be a profitable bettor, which makes it all the more important to go over your potential selections with a fine tooth comb to ensure you’re ticking all the boxes.

In closing, if you stick to your principles, do your due diligence and remain patient, there’s every chance you’ll come out on top in the intriguing over/under market.

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