Point Spread Betting

Point Spread Betting Explained


What Are Point Spread and How Do They Work?

One of the more commonly used types of bet and one that’s very easy to understand, points spread betting is a good way to add value to your selections.

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A type of fixed odds bet which sees you give one team an advantage and one a disadvantage, this is a very simple market to follow. For example, if Arsenal are playing Chelsea, and you select Arsenal -1.5, this means they need to win by two or more goals for your bet to be a success. Any other outcomes such as a draw, a 1-0 win or an Arsenal loss, would all see you lose.

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It’s important to note, if you have a team on a -1 to win, that if they win by a one goal margin you’ll get your stake refunded, something that’s commonly referred to as a push.

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A key upside associated with using points spread betting is that it can substantially boost odds to make bets viable and so they represent value, which is especially useful when the moneyline doesn’t look appealing. Due to the fact one team will usually be considered better than the other, if you do your research on some key numbers, this can allow you to identify value and recognise when you can gain an edge on the bookmakers.

Point Spread BettingCourtesy of Online Betting

Some ways many recommend to ensure you might be able to get better odds is by waiting as late as possible before placing your bets, for you can see any alterations that may allow you to maximise your profitability.

Able to be applied to so many sports and events all over the world, points spread betting is definitely embedded in the betting landscape and will certainly remain a popular market for punters due to its all-round accessibility.

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