Statistics in Sports Betting

Sports Betting and Statistics – How are they related?


With so many factors at play during any given sporting event, using statistics to help formulate your selections is definitely worthwhile.

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If you undertake your research in a diligent and attentive manner, you can quickly begin to identify key metrics that can impact matches. Take soccer for example, and there’s many key numbers that you’ll want to be keeping an eye on to help determine your selections.

Statistics in Sports BettingCourtesy of Advanced Football Analytics

The basic key stats include things like goals per game, goals conceded per game, shots per game, shots allowed per game and possession percentages. If you’re looking for some more detailed figures, however, you can start delving into expected goals, expected goals against, chances created, chances against, shot locations and set piece effectiveness.

Statistics in Sports BettingCourtesy of Anna Bet

Other aspects you’ll want to cover are if a certain team suffers a dip in performance when certain key players are unavailable due to injury or suspension. In addition, pitch conditions, weather, home and away form and historical head to head data can also be of use.

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You should hopefully be able to recognise any trends that are developing that can give you an edge when thoroughly examining variables that can influence your picks.

Statistics in Sports BettingCourtesy of Soccer Metrics

Applying the numbers you can use to help enhance your chances of winning is the next step, as you’ll want to make sure you’re strategically implementing the stats at your disposal.

Recording all of your bets can be another brilliant asset for you, as this allows to generate your own findings upon analysing where you went right or wrong to gain some valuable conclusions.

Although it’s not a perfect science using statistics to accompany your betting, there’s unquestionably plenty of value in using stats to give you an advantage.

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