Teaser Betting

Teaser Betting


Relatively easy to understand and simple to use, Teaser Betting offers an interesting topic for our next blog article.

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While similar to a multi bet, where you still choose two or more bets and obviously have to win all bets to profit, it’s commonly believed teaser bets are easier to win. The reason for this is that in teaser betting you may alter your over/under and points spread totals between four and 10 points.

This summation from The Lines offers a good example, as it states: “Winning multiple bets, no matter the point spread is never easy. However, the adjusted lines should help bettors find a little more confidence in their bets. The payout from the sportsbook for a teaser is lower than a parlay since these are anecdotally easier to win.”

Usually used in NFL and Basketball betting, the key numbers in NFL are 4, 4.5 or 5 points and Basketball is 6, 6.5 or 7 point margins. So if your team/teams are on a -10 points spread and you’re not confident you could instead take the -5 to give you an improved chance of winning.

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Even though the odds will decrease when you skew the possibilities in your favour, you should still undertake your usual research and due diligence prior to placing any bets. Moreover, sticking to your usual bankroll principles should be done too, no matter how sure you are that your bets will come off.

Allowing you to essentially move the boundaries to enhance your chances of success, this form of betting can certainly help you in your hunt for profit. But it is, however, important to exercise patience and composure just like in any form of betting.

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