Your Complete Guide to Tennis Betting


Possessing so many intriguing markers to explore, tennis is unquestionably a fascinating sport to bet on.

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All about Betting on Tennis

With tennis being such a global sport and hardly having any downtime, this means there’s usually always a tournament going on somewhere around the world to stake on. Whether it be Grand Slams, the Davis Cup, Fed Cup, Masters events, futures or challenger events, tennis is never short of action.

In fact, it’s actually the third most popular sport to bet on in the UK behind football and horse racing, a statistic that serves as a testament to its reach and accessibility.

Guide to Tennis betting VOdds Courtesy of Core Tennis

Courtesy of Core Tennis

Just like with many other sports, there’s some really important factors that need to be taken into consideration.  Knowing the markets available to bet on and where to find value is obviously paramount.

While the standard match betting is simple to grasp, it often doesn’t represent value if say a Rafael Nadal is playing a lowly ranked player. But if you look further, options like set betting, where you can predict who’ll win and by what set score, which is similar to final score betting in football, then you can begin finding some well-priced picks.

In addition, you can also bet on who will win a particular set in isolation, so knowing details like if a certain player is quick out of the blocks or slow to get going can be really useful here.

Tournament betting can be a solid avenue to exploit, where you can analyse which players have a favourable run or who have a tough draw, thus meaning you can find some better value selections. You can either bet on a particular player to win the tournament outright or even do each way bets to increase your opportunity of winning if the player you back loses in the final.

Guide to Tennis betting VOdds Courtesy of Apurva Desai

Courtesy of Apurva Desai

Games and set handicap betting can be another brilliant way to find value, with this especially being interesting on the games handicap market, where your chosen player can sometimes still lose the match but secure enough games to still win the bet.

Over/under options can also be good to check out, as this increasingly popular method lets you bet on how many or how few total games will be played.

Some additional markets available are things like live betting, individual player betting and whether or not a tiebreaker will occur.

With that sorted, you’ll need to get your research up to speed. Thankfully, however, there’s many resources available to help. Whether it be blogs, statistical sites or following renowned tipsters, there’s so much information to be taken on board to support you.

Additional crucial details to be aware of are how certain players match up against one another stylistically and what their previous head to head record is like. Another vital aspect to consider is what surface the match is being played on, as this can sway the advantage in favour of one player massively, plus allow you to pick some upsets especially on clay and grass courts.

Being awake to how well players serve and return is something worth knowing too, as this can be very handy for live betting and enhancing the possibility of your selections paying off.

Guide to Tennis betting VOdds Courtesy of

Courtesy of

All things considered, tennis is definitely a sport with plenty of upside for bettors if you’re willing to take into consideration much of the aforementioned details and afford yourself time to get to know the finer nuances of the game to subsequently find value and gain an edge.

Even though upsets and bad luck, just like in any sport, can give you some frustrating losses, if you stick to your principles and are diligent with your research, over time tennis is a game where you’ll be rewarded for all your perseverance, patience and hard work.

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