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The Danish Betting System


For our next blog article, we’ll focus our attention on the Danish Betting system. Although its origins are not entirely clear, it’s unsurprisingly believed to be invented in Denmark by an anonymous gambler. Regardless of its creator, it’s still an interesting one to explore.

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Another system where you increase your bet after a loss, thus seeing it have similarities with methods like the Martingale, its workings are definitely intriguing to investigate.

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The key components of this format is that if you suffer a loss, you not only increase your stake. But also the odds of your bet.


The below explanation from Bet Index illustrates its function aptly. 

Example of the Danish System


As can be seen, the Danish system comes with inherent risk, especially if you go on a terrible losing streak and you’re then confronted with bet 7 leaving you needing to win at the odds of $4.00.


One way around this many implement can be to use multi bets to get the odds up by betting on favourites. As an example instead of betting on Everton to beat Liverpool away from home as a single. You could instead bet on Manchester United, Arsenal and Manchester City all to win home games against lesser opposition. 


Moreover, many will also try and boost the odds in other markets such as goals, cards and handicaps.


All things considered, while it isn’t the most risk averse strategy, if you get creative with your selections across a range of markets, there’s definitely some profit to be made.

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