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The Flat Betting System


A very well known and implemented system within the gambling community, the Flat Betting System is a favourite for many due to its ease of use.

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Also commonly referred to as the “fixed stake amount”, this method is simple to get your head around and simple to understand. 


Featuring different variations that include academic, aggressive, chaotic and static, it’s certainly an interesting system to explore.

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To start with a static flat, and this states you should stake 1% of your bankroll regardless of whether your bet amount increases or decreases. 


The academic flat then basically encourages you to bet between 1% and 3% of your stake depending on your confidence level in your selection. Odds Fan offered a good explanation as to why the academic option can be good for those bettors with an extensive knowledge of a particular league or sport. “This type of strategy is especially good for those gamblers who are well versed in the championship games of a particular country or some specific sports and can make the most accurate predictions for them,” they stated. 


“In other words, you can bet 2-3% on events from such a championship or well-known sport, and 1% – on all other events.”


The aggressive variation then says to bet 2-3% of your bankroll for every bet, which will obviously work well if you win, but can give you some issues if losses occur.


Lastly, the chaotic, which definitely lives up to its name, for it suggests you bet without guidelines on your chosen events. While this can lead to promising profits, caution needs to be exercised due to the potential for gamblers getting carried away and staking too much on a single bet. 

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A really solid, sustainable system that can bring you profits in the long term if you’re willing to be patient and follow the guidelines, the Flat Betting System is a good option.


Although it’s not a system that’ll instantly earn you the big bucks. It does, however, teach balance and discipline while giving you some leeway to back yourself on picks you’re confident with.

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