The Paroli System

The Paroli System


Understanding the ways in which certain betting systems work is usually always a thought provoking and interesting undertaking. Our next article on betting systems is no different, as we shift our focus on the Paroli System.

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Derived from the Latin word for “equal”, it’s another positive progression betting system, which certainly comes with risk and reward. Considered one of the easiest systems to follow, the Paroli is very simple to understand. The basic principles of this system state that you double your stake after a win and return to your original stake following a loss. Another key factor of this format says that you should also return to your original stake after three straight wins. Betting on odds of even odds is also advised.

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Upon grasping the concept of the Paroli, figuring out your staking amount is the next step. It’s recommended you use 2-3% of your bankroll to begin with, for in systems like this your budget can be decimated with just a few losses.

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While it can be a good system, the fact it relies on you going on winning streaks to really profit means it’s probably not the best option. After all, if you suffer a losing streak, you’ll most likely have a major chunk of your bankroll gone and be back to square one. But it is, however, a lot more safe than other betting styles of a similar fashion. All in all, if you’re comfortable with the Paroli’s workings, it’s worthwhile giving it a crack even if it has some obvious limitations.

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