Three Gambling Superstitions

Three Gambling Superstitions


With many gamblers holding superstitions that they believe bring them luck, our next article will focus on three of the more popular ones. 

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Giving gamblers a sense of comfort and safety, many hold these routines dear to them and will not wager without sticking to their principles. Ranging from doing things in a special order, holding onto objects or wearing a certain piece or colour of clothing, there’s many intriguing superstitions around.  

Red is Lucky

  This is a commonly used trait especially among Chinese people, who believe wearing the colour red will bring them good luck as it’s the colour of prosperity. Whether wearing red shirts, pants, socks, shoes, glasses, wristbands or headbands, there’s no shortage of options. Interestingly, in some casinos in Macau, there’s even entire teams decked out in red, which are portrayed as lucky rooms.

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An Itchy Hand

  Traditionally originating from Bulgaria and Serbia, the itchy hand has different meanings depending on where you’re from. The Bulgarians believe if you have an itchy right hand it’s bad luck. Meanwhile, the Serbians are of the belief if your left hand is itchy it’s a sign good fortune is on its way.  

Unlucky Number Four

  While it appears a strange one on the surface, as most people see 13 as the unluckiest number, this certainly isn’t the case in Japan, where number four takes the cake. The reason for this is due to the word for four sounding similar to the word for death in Japanese. Upon hearing that, it’s completely understandable why they hold this belief.

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