Types of Golf Betting

Types of Golf Betting


In the second part of our series on golf betting, we’re turning our focus to the different types of bets you can do.

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With most of the markets being fairly straightforward, it’s certainly not hard to get your head around them. To start with, the golf tournament winner is as easy it gets, for you simply just stake on who you think will win the tournament. 

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Each way betting on the player you believe will do well is also a sound option in golf, where you give yourself an extra chance if your selection earns a place. Seeing as many tournaments have in excess of 100 players, this method is a good option indeed to enhance your chances of winning. So when it comes to placing your bet, you’ll place half of your bet on the player to place and half on them to win.


Up next is hole in one betting, which is always a bit of fun for punters. Although not likely to happen, this rare occurrence still happens more often than you think and pays high odds, thus making it an exciting option to have a crack at it.

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First round leader bets are another popular choice among punters, with these allowing to win after the first day of action. If you know your stuff and can identify players who start rapidly then you can put yourself in a nice position to profit. 


Some other worthwhile options include top 10 and 20 finishes and top nationality betting, with these all adding to your many options. 


All things considered, there’s no shortage of markets for golf punters to test their luck on, with the sport never short of opportunities for punters to come out on top.

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