UFC Betting

UFC Betting


Unpredictable and full of shocks and upsets, the UFC is definitely a fascinating sport to bet on. As one of the most gruelling fighting championships in the world, the ever growing sport has quickly become an exciting option for bettors the world over.

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Boasting many different markets to test yourself on, the usual head to head and method of victory are up there with the most used. To focus on the latter, and the main markets you’ll find for ways to win are via decision, technical knockout, knockout, submission and disqualification.

Easy to understand and straightforward, it’s little wonder these are so frequently used.

Options such as how many total rounds the fight will last, if the fight will go the distance and the double chance only add to your list of markets to explore. It’s also worth noting the live betting options out there and how you can use accumulators to enhance your odds.

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Obviously to decipher which one to choose you’ll want to weigh up things like the style of fighters, if they’re in good form, how they usually win their fights and in what time frame.

Moreover, you’ll also want to check which judges are working the bout, for they too can have certain characteristics. Betting Insider Journal offers a brilliant explanation of what judges are looking for, noting: “Judges take a mix of different factors into consideration, such as effective striking, grappling, dominance, aggressiveness and defense. Effective striking is determined by the significant legal strikes landed and also illegal strikes, which can lead to a point deduction based on the referees opinion.”

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You can then delve into the statistics to give you further information about your selection, for you can gain some keen insight doing so.

As the UFC continues its steep growth so will it’s popularity among punters, making it another intriguing player in the betting landscape.

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