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What You Should Know About The Parlay Bet


What is Parlay Betting

When you go to a sports trading platform, there are so many types of sports betting to choose from. One popular form would be parlay betting. Using this kind of betting, bettors can place many wagers on the same ticket. They can bet on two or more moneylines or point spreads, for example, and earn a higher payout if all of their selections win. This bet is also known as an accumulator.


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How does Parlay work?

A parlay bet works by wagering on several bets on one ticket. You can have several versions of the same bet on different games or combine different bets from various sports. If any of your picks ends with a push, your total profit will be lowered to what it would have been if the pick was not part of the ticket. If you win, on the other hand, you can gain a lot more profit than if you had bet on them individually. Losing is the opposite since if even any one of your picks loses, you will lose your full stake.


Parlay Betting PayoutsCourtesy of Top Rated Betting Sites.Co.UK


How do Parlay Payouts work?

Most sports bettors in live betting platforms like parlay betting because they can pay a small amount of money and, in return, get the chance to win huge payouts. The payout structure is always crucial when making a parlay bet. Bettors need to know the best price for their wagers so that the more chances they lump into one parlay, the more sure they are that they are making the right lines. This is how payouts work. As can be seen from the infographic above, parlay bets are often offered at a standard of -110 bet, which is 1.91 decimal odds.

What are the benefits of Parlay Betting?

High Returns and Low Risk – this means that you’ll get to wager on your favourites without the risk of having to wager a lot of money. It also comes with a likely high return.
Make Use of Handicapping to the Fullest – For those bettors who are great at accurately handicapping a game, their talent would not be wasted on betting on which team will win only. You can put your knowledge to good use.
More Potential for Profit – When you make use of parlay betting, you are betting on real value regardless of the outcome, whether you win or lose. This is because some sports betting sites allow the cash in of parlay cards even before they have been completed. You can also make use of the best brokerage platform where many handicappers purchase bet tickets that have potential.
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