trading risks 07 jan 2021

Trading Risks Associated with Some Sportsbooks | 07 Jan 2021


Start your year right in sports betting by researching about the bookmakers you want to deal with. Suit yourself with the right online sports trading platform, brokerage, and sportsbooks.

One of the great ways to prepare for 2021 is to manage your trading risks. Here are the updates that we have just for you:

trading risks ao 07 Jan 2021

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Enjoy your betting on football, basketball, tennis, and other sports with VOdds’ partner sportsbooks.

You can be safe from any abnormal or void bets using Matchbook, PIN88, ISN, Betfair, and GA288 since they do not have practice of classifying bets as abnormal.

Meanwhile, for Crown (Singbet), it is noticed that they target odds that have decreased for pre-game bets. Most of the bets were voided before the match began, or just when the match had started. While this voiding is not favourable, it is still considered as relatively fair as the outcome is still indeterminate. However, for the past fortnight, they have voided winning bets. For In-running bets, it is noticed that there is a slight decrease in the percentage of voided bets during the past two weeks. Maybe during the Christmas and New Year most of their compliance staff went for holiday, who knows?

WLG on the other hand, has shown higher abnormal bet percentage compared with the last fortnight. They also have a massive increase in the percentage of voided bets for in-running bets. SBOBET have also been more aggressive in their void rates for the past few weeks. No changes were observed on Shibo other than their history of voiding bets after the match results were finalized.

To protect your bets from being voided, you can adjust your Sportsbooks Preferences on the VOdds platform. Just go to your “Account” and select the Sportsbooks that you want to trade with.

Although bets are placed via the VOdds platform, the refund or return of payment of any abnormal or void bets are still the responsibility of the respective sportsbooks and are settled in accordance with their own terms.

Information from this blog article is based on the recent month’s data and accurate as of 07 January 2021. Keep yourself up-to-date with our blogs on the “Betting Risks” category.

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