Trading Risks Associated with Some Sportsbooks | 22 Dec 2020


It has been a challenging year for the sports betting industry. Sporting events have been delayed and some were even canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, it did not stop fans and punters to enjoy their favourite sports. Online betting and closed-door games are there to the rescue. If you have been betting with VOdds online sports trading platform, you have to know how to manage trading risks.

Here are the updates that we have observed from our partner bookmakers:

trading risks as of 22 dec 2020


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For the past two weeks, there have been no major changes with our sportsbooks.

These sportsbooks: Matchbook, PIN88, ISN, SBC, Betfair, and GA288 do not have practice of classifying bets as abnormal nor do they void bets, so you can bet safely with them.

Take note also that on extremely rare occasions, there have been instances of PIN88 voiding bets, especially in tennis and basketball. The official reason furnished is “In accordance with our General Terms, we have canceled winning wagers from the below players due to line manipulation”. It is noted that PIN88 has voided bets the following day even after initially grading the bet as a win. However, they are still considered as “No Risk” on our scale since this occurrence is very rare.

For Crown (Singbet), it is noticed that for Pre-Game bets, they target very specifically bets whose odds have dropped significantly. While this voiding is not a favourable outcome, it is construed as relatively fair as the outcome of the match is still indeterminate. What’s surprising is they void more on losing bets than winning bets in the past days. For In-running bets, Crown’s practice is to void the bets after the match, after results were already known. It is noticed that there is a slight increase in the percentage of voided bets during the past two weeks.

Meanwhile, WLG has shown a massive increase in the percentage of voided bets for in-running bets. SBOBET has also exhibited a tendency to void winning bets after the match has ended. Progressively, they have been more aggressive in their void rates. Shibo on the other hand has historically been one of the sportsbooks with the highest void rates. It is noticed that only winning bets are voided and it is done after the match results are finalized.

You may adjust your Sportsbooks Preferences based on the risk level you are willing to take and select the sportsbooks you want to bet with on the VOdds platform.

Information from this blog article is based on the recent month’s data and accurate as of 22 December 2020. Keep yourself up-to-date with our regularly updated blogs.

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