What is an Asian Handicap Bookmaker


One key part of enhancing your profitability in sports betting is to find the right Asian Handicap aggregator that can help you all throughout.

Asian handicap as we know, is more commonly used in football where one team is handicapped so that the stronger team would win by more goals, giving a better chance for the punter to win the bet.

An Asian handicap bookmaker, on the other hand, is an online bookie who specializes in this betting market.

With massive differences between various online bookmakers to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one. But with a trusted Asian sportsbook aggregator like VOdds, you can get access to all the Best Asian handicap betting sites in a single wallet platform!


Bookmakers in VOdds

While some outlets don’t offer the Asian Handicap market, a large percentage certainly do, for they know what a growing, popular format it is. Obviously you’ll then want to work out what sports and lines each one offers, plus whether or not they allow in-play betting.

Taking the time to look around is certainly vital, as they all provide different options and you want to guarantee the sport you want to bet on is covered adequately, especially if you want to bet on big football matches like that of the UEFA Champions League.

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Choosing the Best Asian Handicap Bookmakers

Looking at the odds available is crucial in choosing the best bookmaker, as these can differ wildly too. You have to study the vast array of options that can be useful to maximise your winnings.

Some other common things to be aware of are what bonus bets and accumulator options each bookie has to offer. Each bookie has different offers and promotions to give you more profit while you play.

You should also look at minimum and maximum bet and payment method to choose from to assess your betting activities. Try to measure which eWallet or payment option is the most secure and works best for you.

Moreover, some further aspects that should be taken into consideration are the reputation of the bookmakers, how long they’ve been around, their licenses and regulations. And if a betting brokerage is required and if a certain bookmaker only accepts new customers via invitation only.

With Asian Handicap betting being such a booming market in the wide world of betting, choosing the best one, or two for you is important. All it takes is some quality research and fact checking and you’ll be well on your way to finding bookies that are just right for you.

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