Ice Hockey Betting

The Different Types of Ice Hockey Betting You Should Know


When it comes to ice hockey, it is commonly prevalent in Canada and the U.S. You’ve got college teams and even representatives for the Olympics. It’s not an easy sport, and you can compare it to American football on ice. As players skate through the ice, they make sure to have control of the puck and at the same time be wary of their opponents since this sport involves body contact. Collisions are bound to happen. That’s why the anticipation for these games can also be relatively high. Most fans and punters are competitive when it comes to ice hockey betting. 


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As a sports trader, there are many options for you in ice hockey betting. You need to choose the right type of bet so that you can be successful in your predictions. NHL games are one of the best ways for you to gamble. Many sportsbooks provide the best offers for ice hockey punters.  

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To help you out, check out some of the following ice hockey bets:

5 Types of Ice Hockey Betting


This is one of the most popular ice hockey betting types. When you bet on the moneyline, you are wagering on who will win the game. If you bet on the underdog, this can give you substantial winnings if they can pull off an upset. Moreover, we suggest looking at the save percentage and goals-against average for the goalies. This will help you decide which team to bet on.  

Puck Line

This betting type is like the run line in baseball. You have a hockey puck line, and the wagers depend on a 1.5 goal spread. You can either lay 1.5 goals with the favourite team or take 1.5 goals with the underdog team. 


When you choose hockey totals, your bets will depend on the total number of goals scored in the game. Punters can wager on the total goals, and it can be over or under the number given by oddsmakers. Usually, totals are set between 5 and 6.5, but it all depends on the teams playing and the goals. 

60 Minute Line

For this ice hockey betting type, it’s the same as moneyline, but the difference is that it includes the tie option. The results will consist of 3 periods, which means you can bet that Team A will win in 60 minutes or bet that Team B will win in 60 minutes or lastly bet that there will be a tie. This comes with an additional risk which is if the game goes overtime. So, if your bet prediction shows that it could go overtime, it’s better not to choose this betting option.


This is when you place a bet on multiple outcomes, and these should all be correct for you to win your bet. Parlay bets are one of the riskiest ice hockey betting types. This is because you need each outcome to be correct for your entire bet to win. However, it does provide greater rewards. 

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