Horse Racing Bets

What are the Different Types of Horse Racing Bets?


Horse racing betting has been around the world for centuries. Most punters love the rush of watching horses come down that little bit of stretch and the jockey pushing the horse outside and making a last-minute charge for the lead. You can hear the fans scream and see the jockeys rejoice because there’s nothing like live horse racing to give you that adrenaline rush. So, with the excitement that comes with this sport, many punters are looking for various types of horse racing bets for their wagers.  

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Regardless of whether you have been to the track or not, you know that horse racing and sports betting go hand in hand. With bookmakers providing high odds and the best offers, no one can resist the appeal of this kind of sports betting, more so when you have different types of horse racing bets, you can choose from.   


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Gone are the days where you have to head to the track to place your bets. Nowadays, you have online horse racing betting wherein you can get a live sports score API, which gives you real-time data for your bets. With its convenience, all you need to do is find the right bets among the various horse racing betting options.

Types of Horse Racing Bets

If you want to know the types of horse racing bets you can use for your wagers, here are some of the major types of bets:

Win, Place, Show

These three are known as the common types of horse racing bets. For each bet, you’ll have to pick a horse, and if they finish the race in the right position, you’ll win. So, in the case of a win bet, if you pick a horse that wins the race, you win the bet. For place bets, if you bet on a horse to finish first or second place, you also win the bet. Lastly, for show bets, you pick a horse, and if they finish in one of the top three positions, you also win the bet.

Exotic Betting

Aside from the common types of horse racing bets, you also have exotic bets. These types of bets are when you bet on more than one outcome at a time. There are different types of exotic betting, which will involve various parameters and conditions. To help you out, here are some of them: 

1) Quinella

This bet involves wagering on two horses in the same race to finish either in first or second place. It won’t matter which horse gets first or second as long as they belong in the top two.

2) Exacta

Exacta bets are the same as quinella bets except for the fact that it matters which order the horses will finish the race. This means that if you picked that a certain horse will place first and the other will place second, they must finish the race in that exact order.  

3) Trifecta

The trifecta bets are also similar to the exacta bets. But, in this type of exotic bet, you’ll have to pick horses that will be in the top three according to the exact order you chose to win the bet. 

4) Superfecta

This type of bet is also similar to the trifecta. In this case, you will not pick the top three horses but instead the top four horses. Remember that they must finish in the exact order that you choose so that you can win the bet.

Don’t forget these types of horse racing bets if you plan to wager on major events. For those who are also looking for a bookmaker that has an odd API, choose VOdds. We have all that you need for your horse racing bettings. You can check out more of our services and promotions by registering an account with us today! 

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