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BetISN Betting Tips on VOdds

BetISN is considered the best Asian bookmaker that was established in 2008. It has a license to operate and is regarded as a credible sports betting bookmaker. VOdds aggregator site offers BetISN as one of its trusted partners. 


BetISN is considered the best Asian bookmaker that was established in 2008. It has a license to operate and is regarded as a credible sports betting bookmaker. VOdds aggregator site offers BetISN as one of its trusted partners. 


Try betting on BetISN through VOdds and enjoy a risk-free betting experience. Once you have activated your account you can access different football tournaments and large betting limits. 



However, despite being new to the betting industry, BetISN built a good reputation and integrity for its services. Aside from that, it also offers an outstanding line with competitive odds and affordable margin offerings. 


To further understand BetISN try to learn more about its features.



What are the primary features of this Asian bookmaker?


  • BetISN offers superior trading services and receives a lot of arbitrage activity


  • It is very user-friendly, and you can select it as one of your preferred sportsbooks on VOdds.


  • It focuses more on handicap sports betting, especially football handicap.



  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day through emails, phone calls, and live chats.


  • BetISN is a private bookmaker; therefore, you need a sports aggregator site like VOdds to use its amazing platform. 


What is the best betting strategy applicable to BetISN?


Since BetISN focuses more on handicap betting, let us try to study how to bet on handicaps. 


Handicap betting is such a popular strategy for new and experienced bettors. It is a famous betting style chosen by many bettors. But how does betting on Asian handicap markets work? Here are the guidelines you must follow to apply them to your BetISN account.


Asian Handicap is a soccer (football) betting strategy that effectively provides the underdog team with an edge. This approach eliminates punters’ draw (tie) option, giving the underdog team an edge. Some countries make extensive use of it due to its effectiveness.


You must select either a winning team or a draw in soccer betting. There are now three options: win, lose, or draw. Handicap betting now gives you two teams to pick from, but the favourite must win by a certain margin for the bet to be declared a winner.


We’ll go through some of the possibilities you’ll face while betting on the Asian Handicap. 


Let’s take for example the current matches on UEFA Nations League A:



Betting on Asian Handicap


Asian Handicap appears to be different. Consider this soccer sports match between  Austria vs Denmark. The bet odds for the win, lose, or draw would seem like this:


Austria -160

Denmark +270

Draw +230


In the case of without a draw, the basic odds would look like this:


Austria -0.0

Denmark  +0.0


The Asian Handicap soccer match at 0 indicates between two evenly matched sides. To win, the team you bet on must win. This type of soccer betting excludes the draw, if the match results in a tie, your money is refunded. A PUSH occurs when your bet is reimbursed. 



Handicap 0.25


Croatia vs. France with a 0.25 handicap. The odds would be like this:


Croatia -0.25

France +0.25


According to this line, the favourite (Croatia) is one quarter-goal better than the underdog. By placing a “quarter bet,” you reduce your risk since you have two ways to avoid losing your wager.


However, if you bet on the favourite at -0.25 and they win, you win also. However, if the game ends in a tie, it is called a “half loss,” and you will receive half of your bet back.



Handicap 0.75


This is the most complex type of Asian Handicap betting. The odds would be as follows:


Croatia -0.75

France +0.75


If you bet on Croatia and they win by two or more goals, your bets will win. Half of your bet will be refunded if Croatia wins by one goal, while the other half will be considered a winner. You’d lose your stake if the favourite lost or tied.


In contrast, your bet wins if France will win or tie in a game. If they lose by one goal, you will get half of your money back, with the other half being considered a loss. Furthermore, your bet is a loss if France loses two goals or more.


You’ve already learned the importance of BetISN and its primary features. Use it now for your next Asian handicap bets on upcoming matches. Aside from the sports offering of BetISN, it is now your chance to explore more on the VOdds betting site and grab your opportunity to a wide variety of sports betting options.

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