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Betting Affiliate: How to Pick Your Unique Selling Point

Are you a sports enthusiast or bettor who wants to earn extra? Then look no further! Your passion for sports have made you the best marketer for one of the high-paying affiliate businesses.

Are you a sports enthusiast or bettor who wants to earn extra? Then look no further! Your passion for sports have made you the best marketer for one of the high-paying affiliate businesses.


How? You can capitalize on the one thing you’re actually enthusiastic about by joining sports betting affiliate programs.



But you’re not the first one to think of this. So you have to make your promotion stand out from the rest. One effective way to do it is by finding your unique selling point.


What is Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?


Usually, USP is the one factor that makes your product different and better than competitors. But is it important for you as an affiliate marketer to have this if you don’t own the product and are simply promoting it?


Yes, of course. It is a significant aspect for a successful affiliate marketing, especially online, where customers have so many choices.


Being clear about this will help you determine your customer base, what product to promote, and how you will market it. 


Follow These 3 Tips to Create Your USP


Tip 1: Determine what other sports bettors care about


What information do they need to know? How often are they being provided? These two questions will answer what is in demand that you can tap on and what is the level of competition for that service.


You will want to be a gambling affiliate for products that are always in demand such as online bookmakers. High demand with low competition is ideal too, like famous local football leagues. 


This is the reason why VOdds has the best sports betting affiliate program.


It’s easy to market because we offer top bookies for both major and unique sporting events worldwide. Your referral can enjoy these perks in a single account.


Tip 2: Limit your scope and demographic


The betting industry is unique already, but it still covers a wide range of sports and casino games. You’ll fail if you overstretch your marketing strategy, resulting in inconsistent customer traffic.


USP affiliate marketing

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So the narrower the demographic, the easier for you as a marketer. You can limit your scope by either deciding which platform you will use to promote. Or focusing on a sub-niche like Half-time/Full-time betting market for football events.


Tip 3: Get to know your products


Now that you know what’s in demand with your target audience and sub-niche, it’s time to look for products to market.


Don’t forget to make sure that these services have betting affiliate programs. You can check on their site or email them to propose one if they don’t have yet.


It’s best if you do preliminary research about these products to see if their USPs are aligned with what your customers need. This way, you can also plan ahead the campaign and check if it’s profitable to proceed on partnering with that product.


Final thoughts


You can start doing these three steps in any order you want. Maybe it’s more practical for you to find betting affiliate programs first and narrow down your audience from there. Or you might already be planning to use Youtube in creating sports-related content and just add affiliate links on each video. Just be sure you covered these three at the end.


So to sum up everything, let’s use this one phrase to find your USP:


“You will be the go-to person of what?” Will you be the expert of:

  • Betting odds update for European football leagues on Reddit?
  • Head-to-head player analysis for basketball tournaments on YouTube?
  • Game predictions for major sports events on Twitter?


Whichever way you start or what niche you target, you must ensure that the product you’re promoting reaches the correct audience and that the benefits of the product stand out to them so that they are more likely to buy it.

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